Piggy Bank Letter - 02
  • Piggy Bank Letter - 02

Piggy Bank Letter - 02

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3d Printed piggy bank with Letter and Name

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3d Printed piggy bank with Letter and Name

Colors: Red, Blue, turkis, Yellow, Rosa, White, Schwarz, Peach, Lila, Gray and light and dark Green

Material is called PLA and is biodegradable and made from renewable raw materials.

The front part has a bit of transparency for you to see how full it is.

Size: 13cm height, wide depends on the name, 4.5 deep

Accessories in the photo not included in the purchase

How to place an order:

Please send me a comment along with your order to specify the colors and Name.

For example:

Main letter: R - Light blue

Name: Raphael - Dark Blue

If custom information is not entered, we will send you an email inquiry.

From the first clink of a coin dropped into its slot, the piggy bank becomes a tangible symbol of saving and patience. It's a vessel where dreams are stored in the form of jingling coins. As children watch their piggy banks grow heavier, they begin to grasp the concept of delayed gratification—a skill that will serve them well in adulthood.


However, the true magic happens when the time comes to break open the piggy bank. The anticipation builds as the child carefully counts the coins, wondering what treasures they can now afford. The act of breaking open the piggy bank is a rite of passage, a moment filled with excitement, curiosity, and the thrill of newfound wealth.


The joy is not just in the material possessions that the saved coins can buy but in the sense of accomplishment and financial literacy gained. It's a lesson in setting goals, exercising patience, and witnessing the tangible results of disciplined saving.

An adult should help the child to open the piggy by removing the from lid or breaking the sides.

An extra silicone lid can be added to the piggy, upon request, but then the child can open it any time.

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